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Re: GPG key problem with new vote keys

On Mon, Oct 09, 2006 at 12:25:42PM +0200, Toni Mueller wrote:

> I'm using mutt and gpg 1.4.5, but have severe problems using the vote
> keys.  First, I do something like 'Ctrl-K' to import the key. This
> sometimes gives me a message like 'processed: 0, imported: 1'. When I
> then try to use a key like "gr_affirm@vote.debian.org", gpg tells me
> that it doesn't find such a key. Any ideas about what that could be?
> Other keys seem to work fine...

The purpose of the vote keys is to provide you the means of verifying the
authenticity of replies to your vote.  TTBOMK, devotee still does not
support encrypted ballots (with no plans to change this), so no encryption
keypair is generated.

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