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Status of recall and affimation resolutions

On Tue, 3 Oct 2006 23:20:35 +0200, Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org> said: 

> It seems more logical to me to have a separate ballot for the recall
> vote;

        Apart from the fact that these are under separate sections of
 the constitution (recall §4.1, position statement §4.5) and thus
 arguably independent resolutions (which, I suppose, can still be put
 on the same ballot), we have these five courses of action that are
 present on the proposals and amendments:

 A) Recall the DPL
 B) Do not recall the DPL
 C) Affirm DPL and say nice things about dunc-tank (Loïc)
 D) Affirm DPL and be non-commital about dunc-tank  (Joss)
 E) Do not affirm anything.

        A and C are mutually exclusive, as are C, D, and E. Given
 this, a joint ballot would have to look like:
1) A + C
2) A + D
3) A + E
4) B + C
5) B + D
6) B + E
7) FD

        Now, even if A + C and A + D seem pathological, 
1) A + E
2) B + C
3) B + D
4) B + E
5) FD
        Which is better. But the consensus seems to be emerging that
 these are separate issues, an d separate ballots look like:

 [  ] Recall
 [  ] Do not recall
 [  ] FD

 [  ] Affirm DPL + approve dunc-tank (Loïc)
 [  ] Affirm DPL                     (Joss)
 [  ] FD

> anyway we are now stalled by Josselin's proposal, AFAICT.

        No, that is not so. Since your recall is an independent
 resolution from the affirmation, you are  not delayed.  Since  Loïc
 did not accept Joss's amendment, he is not delayed either -- only
 accepted amendments to a proposal reset discussion times. (same is
 true for combining


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