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Splitting out Choice #1 from vote_004

On Sun, 24 Sep 2006, Don Armstrong wrote:
> As far as placing it or not placing it on a separate ballot, it
> would be nice to have it separate, as it deals with clarifying the
> firmware problem before exceptions are granted, but I don't have any
> objections to it being on the same ballot as the other options. [In
> case of a split, I would expect the clarification option to be
> overridden to the extent necessary by the other options; either by
> being voted on slightly before or by a specific amendment saying
> such.]

After some discussion on IRC, I believe that splitting out Choice #1
(DFSG #2 applies to all programmatic works) from the rest of the
options is a proper course of action.

This is primarily because it was never intended to deal with affirming
or vacating decisions about exceptions for firmware for the purpose of
releasing etch, but only to clarify what the DFSG says in regards to
the source code requirements for works, and what Debian should be
doing about source for works in general, both those that we distribute
and those we do not.

Baring objection, I plan on calling for a vote with a suggested balot
containing only this option in a few days (no later than 09-27).[1]
[The Secretary, of course, can override this suggested ballot.]

This will get the clarification out of the way, and allow the etch
release exception proposals to override it to the extent necessary.

Don Armstrong

1: It is my understanding that I could call for a vote now, but as
this may be controversial, some measure of restraint seemed
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