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Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:

>> Now, if you become the release manager, and your employer makes your
>> compensation contingent on Debian not releasing before February of 2010,
>> no one can NMU the release.  Theoretically, we could replace you, but we
>> cannot fix the problem directly.
>> Would you not agree that this affects the risk assessment?
> If I became the release manager and some other distribution offered me
> $50,000 if Debian doesn't release before February of 2010, the situation
> is the same.  What you're talking about here, in my opinion, is a simple

No it isn't the same. The relation between your employer and you and
between the other distribution and you is quite different.

This difference should be pretty clear.


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