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Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader

Le mer 20 septembre 2006 19:43, Denis Barbier a écrit :
> The article's title mentioned in the first paragraph is: "Debian
> experiments with funding group to release 'etch' on time".  Even
> if Anthony Towns and other Dunc-tankers claim that their project
> is not affiliated to Debian, external people will still see this
> project as being handled by the Debian Project Leader, and thus
> implicitly by the Debian project.
> But we, Debian developers, can make this confusion vanish, and I
> would like to propose that we answer to the valid question quoted
> in the second paragraph above by recalling our Project Leader, as
> allowed by our Constitution (section 4.1.1) and am seeking seconds
> for this proposal.

  To that rationale, I'd like to add the fact that Debian has two very 
important documents: the SC and the Constitution. Neither of them is 
strictly legally binding[1]. Nevertheless, that's the core of Debian, 
it's the very first question we ask to our NM: please explain the SC, 
and do you accept the Constitution.

  I've always followed the Constitution with or without my DD hat, and I 
would feel bad to break it, especially its spirit. It's our duty, 
because those documents are what Debian really is. If we artificially 
remove our DD hats to do whatever we want, even if it does indeed 
concern Debian, we are just plain liars. The spirit of the Constitution 
is that bigs steps have to be discussed and decided by the Project as a 
whole. And for the leader, it's not only the spirit of the 
Constitution, it's explicit:

  § 5.3. Procedure

      The Project Leader should attempt to make decisions which are
    consistent with the consensus of the opinions of the Developers.

      Where practical the Project Leader should informally solicit the
    views of the Developers.

      The Project Leader should avoid overemphasizing their own point of
    view when making decisions in their capacity as Leader.

  The debate has been launched on -private, but it's clear to everyone 
that we were very far from a consensus[2]. So, instead of *beeing 
consistent* with the *consensus* of the opinions, a so called "external" 
structure has been launched. Onboard, we see many very well known 
people, whose relation to Debian is unquestionable. Like Denis says, 
the article on [3] title says "Debian experiments […]" and the first 
sentence of the article is "The volunteer-based Debian GNU/Linux is 
experimenting with …". Please, this whole thing is a fraud, and it's 
even less tolerable that it come from people that are abusing their 
celebrity to endorse and support such initiatives.

  The letter *and* the spirit of the Constitution have been flouted. And 
here is my rationale to second the recall of Anthony Towns. 

 [1] maybe in some countries, but I seriously doubt that it's a general
     rule at least.

 [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consensus

 [3] http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;1964607233;fp;4194304;fpid;1
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