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Re: Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader

Hello Pierre,
> 1. The DPL is the one that appoints the RM as per constitution
> 2. The DPL is deeply in a structure that has supposedly nothing to do
>    with Debian, hence does its own choices, without needing any sort of
>    Debian approval.
> 3. That structure wants to pay the RM's.

As you've noted yourself, that structure has supposedly nothing to do
with Debian. So it's especially independant from aj being DPL or the
people to be funded being the RMs.

Dunc-tank could also fund all new maintainers with $5 if they think
thats reasonable and if they find sponsors to donate this money. Or buy
dilbert comics for all DDs. Or sponsor beer.
There is no need to have AJs DPL-hat nominate someone to fund him via

The principle is simple:
- if people think dunc-tank is a good thing, they'll get money
- dunc-tank tries to give money to people so it yields this impression
(to get more money)

If dunc-tank is funding people who really don't deserve it, you're
welcome to say so. Especially when AJ is abusing his DPL powers to
nominate some RMs for whatever reason to make it look more legitimate to
waste money donated to dunc-tank by someone.

While it might look helpful if neither AJ nor Steve would be on the
dunc-tank board - I certainly do prefer people deeply involved with the
project there - I doubt it will make any of you more reasonable. Because
it apparently is not at all what you are concerned about. And probably
you'll just claim that while not being officially on the board, they
still have a serious amount of influence.

All you are actually cared about is that some people might get some
money for their work, and others might be annoyed by not getting similar
But IMHO this is already the reality right now. Some people ARE already
getting money for their work on Debian. It's just not by dunc-tank.

best regards,
Erich Schubert
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