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Re: [Amendement firmware GR] - Best effort / no regression

On Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 12:33:28AM +0200, Bill Allombert wrote:

> ===============================================
>         1. reaffirms its dedication to providing a 100% free system to
> our users according to our Social Contract and the DFSG; and
>         2. encourages licensors of all works to make those works
> available not only under licenses that permit modification, but also in
> forms that make such modifications practical;
>         3. commits itself to remove firmwares without source code and
> more generally firmwares that does not meet the Debian Free Software
> Guidelines (designed below as "non-free firmwares") from the main and
> contrib section of our archive;
>         4. will make a best effort to remove as much non-free firmwares
> as time allows before our next stable release (code-named "Etch"); 
>         5. encourages its developers to work on this issue;
>         6. urges its developers not to delay or to block inclusion of
> works done toward that goal;
>         7. will allow our next release to include non-free firmwares
> in the main section if we did not manage to remove them on time, provided 
> they were also present in Sarge main section.
> ===============================================

> What I want to avoid is the result GR _preventing_ people to work
> on removing non-free firmwares for Etch because their work will be
> rejected with "this is a post-Etch issue". I hope 4,5, and 6 achieve
> that. 7 is a compromise I find acceptable and force us to make
> _some_ progress on the issue before releasing Etch (which will keep us
> honest with respect to 3.).

4 does not seem to account for the fact that removing such firmware may mean
having to choose between losing support for certain hardware in our
installer, and releasing etch according to schedule.  Did you mean for 4 to
say "remove as much non-free firmware as time allows without negatively
impacting the installer", or something like that?  Otherwise, per the recent
polls, this doesn't seem to reflect the priorities of the Debian community?

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