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Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader

On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 04:05:26PM -0500, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [Sven Luther]
> > and i am under control of Frans over any post i make if i ever want
> > to go back to working on d-i as i did before, and everyone found that
> > normal behaviour, so what do you expect ?

Hehe, you couldn't resist replying right.

> This thread is _not_ about you, it is _not_ about Frans Pop, and it is
> _not_ about debian-installer.

It is indeed not about me, it is about the direction where debian is going,
and it is a trend i have been noticing since some time now, but some may say
it was so before even, and i have just been unaware of it.

The fact is some feel they can control what other do in public, like here with
Anthony, while other think they can control what other post on mailing lists,
like the d-i team tried to do with me, and others still believe a strong
censorship on the debian mailing list is the way to go, like Anthony and some
others mentioned in their electoral campaign these past two years.

Other such issues involve team leaders handling other team members like paid
employees, and not like fellow volunteers, and this is maybe more accute in
those who are themselves being paid to do debian work.

Not to mention arbitrary expulsions done in haste and without proper
procedures, or our secretary being under attack for the way he handles votes,
which i feel rather halucinating in itself.

All in all, i believe there are some folk whose participation in debian has
clearly gotten to their head, and there seems in the last few months a
complete lack of contact with reality and responsability as debian flames
over firmware and paying RMs and whatever not. 

Time for all involved to get a bit of thinking done about all this, and check
in their pride, and see what this is doing, not only to debian as a whole, but
to the individual developpers also. Notice also how those flamewars and
intestine disputes may have some negative effects of some of the most fragile
among us, and i feel that i was myself also guilty of this, but at least i
recognize it and have tried to work on it, and i believe was quite successfull
at that during the last month or two.

> Also, we've already heard it 100 times.

Well, you may have heard it, but you clearly have a pre-defined idea of what i
am saying, and what i am actually saying is not entering your skull.


Sven Luther

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