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Re: Let's vote ...

On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 01:51:12PM -0500, Bill Allombert wrote:
> Hello GR proponents,
> before we vote I would very much appreciate example of firmware 
> that would be affected by your proposal (and how).
> I already asked for something similar without answer in August.
> I am concerned with including in Debian firmwares whose license
> reduce the usefulness of Debian through obnoxious clauses
> that would also affect people that do not need the firwmare
> in the first place (e.g. by restricting distribution or use of packaging
> embedding the firmware) or even being illegal for Debian to distribute
> The example of linux 2.4.18 firmwares suggest that both are likely.
> Thanks in advance for your answer,

Well, it is documented in larry's web page, as well as the debian wiki, where
i also copied larry's information.

The page about these issues are : 


Look at the bottom of that page for Larry's report.

That said, i think your question is hardly relevant. Either we delay etch by 6
month to a year or something such, and continue shipping sarge where this
problem also exist, or we ship etch now, and solve this problem for etch+1,
which will be released if all goes well 18 months after etch. So, it will make
a few months difference only.


Sven Luther

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