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Re: Firmware & Social Contract: GR proposal

Le mardi 05 septembre 2006 à 19:07 -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG a écrit :
> For me the key question is whether the d-i team is actually doing the
> work or not.  Are they?  If the answer is "yes", then I might vote for
> a delay.  If the answer is "no", then I see no reason that a delay
> will change things.

As Joey's analysis shows, this would lead to a delay of at least 6
months. Given that we're already frozen, I don't think this is something
we can afford if we want etch to be consistent.

> > First, it is a fact that we are going to release etch with non-free
> > firmwares. There is no decision to make here, it is too late. Those
> > polls are only a means to legitimate this fact in a political way, by
> > making it looking as a decision.
> Really?  I'm flabbergasted.  So I can just put whatever nonfree code I
> want into a package, and boom, it gets into etch?  Because our
> principles do not control our actions?

There is no more real choice for firmware. Other non-free stuff has
already been removed and there's no reason to go back on this point.

Don't forget that sarge also has these firmwares. If we release etch
ASAP, we have something that is much more free.
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