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Re: Proposal: Apologize for releasing etch with sourceless/non-free firmware

On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 11:03:47AM +0100, Daniel Ruoso <ruoso@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> As I understand Debian's view on Free Software did not change, and as
> the firmware split is, indeed, an unsolved question, I think a more
> honest position would be to accept that we couldn't deal with the
> firmware issue in the timeframe for etch.
> As the question itself seems quite immature (including the question
> about the freeness of sourceless firmware), and, as we want to release
> etch in time, I think the most sane thing to do is to say: "Hey, we
> couldn't deal with this issue but we do want to release etch in time"
> and mature the question without the time pressure for releasing etch.
> I propose the following option to the GR:
> The Debian Project reaffirms its commitment of providing a 100% free
> operating system, and reaffirms the decisions taken by GR 2004-03, but
> some technical issues regarding firmware couldn't be solved in the
> timeframe to release etch, and, therefore, the next Debian release,
> codename etch, will still contain sourceless/non-free firmwares. The
> Debian Project apologize for this, and will continue to work on finding
> a way to solve this issue.

I'd add something to say that this is *really* the last time we postpone
the fixing of the issue and that no further GR should change that.


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