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Proposal: Apologize for releasing etch with sourceless/non-free firmware


As I understand Debian's view on Free Software did not change, and as
the firmware split is, indeed, an unsolved question, I think a more
honest position would be to accept that we couldn't deal with the
firmware issue in the timeframe for etch.

As the question itself seems quite immature (including the question
about the freeness of sourceless firmware), and, as we want to release
etch in time, I think the most sane thing to do is to say: "Hey, we
couldn't deal with this issue but we do want to release etch in time"
and mature the question without the time pressure for releasing etch.

I propose the following option to the GR:

The Debian Project reaffirms its commitment of providing a 100% free
operating system, and reaffirms the decisions taken by GR 2004-03, but
some technical issues regarding firmware couldn't be solved in the
timeframe to release etch, and, therefore, the next Debian release,
codename etch, will still contain sourceless/non-free firmwares. The
Debian Project apologize for this, and will continue to work on finding
a way to solve this issue.

I think this needs a 3:1 majority...


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