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Re: Proposal: The DFSG do not require source code for data, including firmware

[Matthew Garrett]
> The biggest area which is likely to bite us is with network cards, 
> though we'll probably lose some degree of SCSI support as well.

Fortunately, at least with SCSI, users have a choice.  They can buy
Adaptec or LSI 53c* and they get _truly free_ firmware (in the case of
Adaptec, the kernel includes firmware source and a matching assembler;
for LSI, the firmware is augmented with byte-code "scripts" apparently
assembled by the driver at runtime).  Perhaps coincidentally, between
aic7xxx, aic79xx and sym53c8xx_2, the most popular commodify SCSI chips
are covered.  (Well, there's the megaraid family, but those don't
_appear_ to need to load firmware at runtime either.)

Incidentally, the aic7xxx / aic79xx drivers in particular are a great
thing to point out to people who are inclined to be lenient toward
vendors on the theory that it is inherently not practical for them to
ship open source firmware for their devices.  Adaptec figured out how
to do this a _long_ time ago:

  $Id: aic7xxx.reg,v 1.4 1997/06/27 19:38:39 gibbs Exp $
  $Id: aic7xxx.seq,v 1.77 1998/06/28 02:58:57 gibbs Exp $

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