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Re: Proposal: The DFSG do not require source code for data, including firmware

MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote:

> However, I'm undecided whether it's a good idea to exclude them from the 
> distribution CDs and so on.  How big is the problem of vital hardware 
> which won't work without firmware being copied to it?  Should we split 
> non-free into non-free-hardware and non-free, allowing non-free-hardware 
> packages onto the CDs?

The biggest area which is likely to bite us is with network cards, 
though we'll probably lose some degree of SCSI support as well. I'm 
entirely open to the creation of a new section for firmware-type 
material (I think I even proposed doing this some time ago), and I think 
there'd be an argument for including it on the CDs by default. At the 
very least, it'd make it possible for people to make a choice that they 
feel non-free firmware is acceptable without going so far as including 
non-free software in general.

Matthew Garrett | mjg59-chiark.mail.debian.project@srcf.ucam.org

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