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Re: Proposal: The DFSG do not require source code for data, including firmware

[Sven Luther]
> To add to that, if i where Peter, i may feel slightly offended by the
> tone of your reply as well as the content of it.

I wasn't offended.  AJ's tone wasn't derogatory - he made some
observations and offered some advice.  He's quite right that my views
are not those of a developer, and that when I say I will "expect"
something to happen, this is a user expectation, no more.

It is also true that saying something is a red herring, without
explaining why, is probably negligent.  What I meant is this: the
status of software which Debian does not ship (the software embedded in
hardware) is outside the scope of the Social Contract, and thus it's
not meaningful to argue about the status of software Debian ships by
comparing the two.  And if a comparison is not meaningful, introducing
it into an argument constitutes a red herring.

> You are the DPL, and as thus speak with the authority given by the
> whole project

He didn't use the leader@debian.org address.  It was clear to me that
he was speaking as a developer, not as the DPL.

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