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Re: Proposal: The DFSG do not require source code for data, including firmware

vorlon@debian.org wrote:

>Ever since the sarge release, an ongoing question has been: what do the DFSG
>require for works that are not "programs" as previously understood in
Thank you for your proposal.
While I was thinking about a different proposal (both wider and narrower
in scope), I like this and fully support it.
I appreciate your attempt in verifying if the majority of developers
still believes in the DFSG as it used to be intended until the
DFSG-revisionists colonized debian-legal@.

It should be noted that this will still not allow distribution of
firmwares used by some popular devices which are freely distributable
but not modifiable. Nor will this solve the problem of the Firefox logo,
so looks like I will need to propose a new GR myself. But I will not be
able to work on it before the winter.


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