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Re: Constitutional Amendment GR: Handling assets for the project

Hi Manoj!

You wrote:

> +   Traditionally, SPI was the sole organization authorized to hold
> +   property and monies for the Debian Project.  SPI was created in
> +   the U.S. to hold money in trust there.

I'm wondering about this part.  It seems to me like just a historic
overview of the old situation, which IMO does not belong in the

>     SPI and Debian are separate organisations who share some
>     goals. Debian is grateful for the legal support framework offered
>     by SPI. Debian's Developers are eligible for contributing
>     membership in SPI by virtue of their status as Developers.

I don't think it makes sense that the Debian constitution determines who
can become a member of SPI.  That is something that should be (and
probably is) described in SPI's bylaws.

Kind regards,
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