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Re: Donations

On 12 Jun 2006, Sven Mueller outgrape:

> Well the benefit is that the DPL is forced to keep such a list, so
> that later DPLs can easily track which organizations might keep
> money for Debian. That means it is harder for money to get lost (I
> don't think that would happen intentionally, but I know it can
> easily happen unintentionally).

        While maintaining a list, and passing it on to the next office
 holder or even posting it in a public place is  darned good practice
 for a DPL, I am unsure if the constitution should write it in
 stone. Can we assume we can pick leaders who an adequately perform
 their office? If not, someone shall have to grep through the archives
 and reconstruct a list after a negligent (and incompetent) DPL lost
 it. (I would strongly recommend a web page that reflects currently
 authorized organizations, and non-DPL's can maintain that, based on
 public announcements).

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