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DPL Debate Extra Questions

I don't know if the candidates wish to answer these outside of the
campaign period or not, but if they wish to, feel free. [For some
reason we always seem to have a traditional moratorium on answering
questions during the voting period... never quite figured out why.]

How will you personally work to increase the transparency of Debian?

What do you plan to do to increase the communication between Developers?

How do you plan to increase the visibility in the media?

How do you see the code of conduct being developed in Debian? How are
you going to get buy in of developers?

How do you plan to select for social skills in NM and/or address the
lack of AM time issue with teams? [One of the critical issues with
teams is that no one is directly "at fault"...]

Anthony Towns:

How do you plan on helping Developers to recognize the need to recruit
more members to join teams that are overburdened? [What will overcome
the chicken and egg problem?]

More, better, faster; what do you think everyday contributors who
aren't RMs or on ftpmaster should be doing to increase the pace of
Debian? How do you plan on helping them do that?

Andreas Schuldei:

What do you see as the lessons to learn from the teams that maintain
services that the Developers? How do you see these lessons being

What do is going to be different about the DPL team this year as
opposed to last year? [Beyond the different members, of course.]

Bill Allombe:

How do you plan to implement the assistant projects?

What are some of the areas that you feel Debian could benifit with
having observers in?

What do you see as being different in your plans to address the
communiation problem from the other candidates?

Ted Walther:

What has changed this year in your canidacy over last year?

What will the cabal do to heat its coffee without flamewars?

Don Armstrong

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