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Re: Question for the DPL Teams

On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 05:22:52PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> (1) Did you join the (proposed) DPL team as an endorsement of the
> candidate or the team concept, or because it seemed the best opportunity
> for you to assist Debian in the event that candidate was elected?
> (2) Should one of the other candidates be elected, do you expect to
> contribute as much as you would if your DPL team won? If not, what
> contributions do you feel you wouldn't be in a position to make? What,
> if anything, could the other DPL candidates or the project in general
> do to encourage your contribution?

I joined because I was asked.  Generally speaking, I'm happy to help
whoever asks me, if I feel it's something I can do.

> (3) Will you all be going to debconf6 in Mexico, and can we therefore
> expect you to flip a coin to see who gets Steve and Raphael for an
> exciting game of five-a-side football or ultimate frisbee?

I already have the tickets to Debconf6.  I can certainly flip a coin,
but when I do there's usually a 33% chance that I fail to catch it and
it falls straight to the ground and gets lost in the grass.  As a
result, the outcomes of a coin toss of mine are 33% head, 33% tail, 33%
None of the above/Further discussion.

> (4) When asked about why things didn't work last year, both Andreas [0]
> and Jeroen [1] seem to have mostly pointed to Branden not doing things
> that, if elected, they will. What, if anything, will you do this year
> as a member of a new DPL team to provide the new DPL with more support
> than Branden had?

Some things that come to my mind are:
 - run the IRC session with 24/7 backlog and be able to read discussion
   that happened when I wasn't online.
 - bring experience from last year, plus the aftermath of what, in
   hindsight, could have been done better, and grow from that
 - pray $deity that the DPL won't go through the same difficult personal
   events that Branden had to go through

> (5) How would you rate the importance of your participation on the DPL
> team compared to your other roles in Debian?

I consider it more important to work on debtags and the rest of my
packages than to be part of the DPL team.  That's because I think that
the DPL (and optional team) are a useful extra to all the work that
happens in Debian, but the main thing in Debian is the technical work
that we all do everyday.

> (6) Has your DPL team had any meetings already, for which minutes could be
> published?

Not that I've seen.  There's an IRC channel where people are gathered,
but there's been no formal meeting TTBOMK.
My feeling is that there won't be much to do, let alone meetings, unless
Jeroen gets elected.



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