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Re: Question for the DPL Teams

* Anthony Towns (aj@azure.humbug.org.au) [060315 09:32]:
> (1) Did you join the (proposed) DPL team as an endorsement of the
> candidate or the team concept, or because it seemed the best opportunity
> for you to assist Debian in the event that candidate was elected?

I was asked by some people to nominate myself as DPL, but I don't have
the time for full DPLship. I however thought about whether I could offer
to do as much as I could actually do.

On the other hand, at more or less the same time, I discussed quite lot
with Andreas Schuldei (and of course other people :) about goals for the
next year, and I noticed that the goals Andreas Schuldei wants to achive
matches my goals quite well.  Also, I think that he is the candidate
most likely to actually implement the goals I would like to see

> (2) Should one of the other candidates be elected, do you expect to
> contribute as much as you would if your DPL team won? If not, what
> contributions do you feel you wouldn't be in a position to make? What,
> if anything, could the other DPL candidates or the project in general
> do to encourage your contribution?

Well, of course I offer all candidates to help them as good as I can, as
long as it matches my goals, and otherwise not stand in the way of them
implementing different goals. However, there are things one can
typically only implement as part of the DPL team (or of course as DPL,
but I don't run for that).

This is especially true for goals like "Help Debian to work more
purpose-driven.". Of course, something can be done (and has been done)
already, but there are parts in Debian where further works needs to be
done, and one sometimes needs the greater authority that comes with
being in the DPL team.

Also, there are goals that not all candidates share. If one of these
candidates get elected, I won't work against our next DPL to reach my
goal that is explicitly not on the topic list of that candidate.

> (3) Will you all be going to debconf6 in Mexico, and can we therefore
> expect you to flip a coin to see who gets Steve and Raphael for an
> exciting game of five-a-side football or ultimate frisbee?

I don't play football.

(I'll go to debconf6.)

> (4) When asked about why things didn't work last year, both Andreas [0]
> and Jeroen [1] seem to have mostly pointed to Branden not doing things
> that, if elected, they will. What, if anything, will you do this year
> as a member of a new DPL team to provide the new DPL with more support
> than Branden had?

I don't think I understand this question. They pointed out that Branden
wasn't available, and the team wasn't able to make decisions in his
absence. What I intend to do is to make sure the relevant part of
Andreas platform is followed, and we will specify an way for decision
making that works well even if the DPL is currently a bit busy.

> (5) How would you rate the importance of your participation on the DPL
> team compared to your other roles in Debian?

What do you mean by "importance"? How much time I spend on each task? Or
how important the task will be in case of a conflict? ...?

> (6) Has your DPL team had any meetings already, for which minutes could be
> published?

There was nothing that I would call a meeting. We discussed much about
the platform (see the platform for the result), and about some of the
mails Andreas answered. We are BTW in the public IRC channel
#dplteam2006 on oftc where anyone can join (and the channel can be seen
in the people's whois, as the secret flag is not there by purpose).


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