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Re: Reply to Fabian Fagerholm from Ted (Re: Questions for all candidates: the DPL as a creator of public opinion)

On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 06:05:52PM -0800, Ted Walther wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 04:23:36PM -0500, David Nusinow wrote:
> >On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 01:01:16PM -0800, Ted Walther wrote:
> >>Debian is very much affected by the FOSS world in general.  The
> >>biggest example I can think of is the patent regulations that were
> >>used to attack the free mp3 encoding programs.  Because of that
> >>patent threat, Debian is very careful about the kind of mp3 support
> >>it ships by default.
> >
> >That would be Ubuntu. Or perhaps you're thinking of Fedora. But it
> >would not be Debian.
> I disagree.  lame, and other mp3 encoding programs were removed from
> main, contrib, and non-free several years ago.  MP3 encoding just isn't
> supported by Debian.  Perhaps you configured apt to bring in your mp3
> encoding software from third-party repositories.
> Far more annoying than the limitations on mp3 are the limitations on
> video playback.  Have you never noticed that many mpeg, wmv, and avi
> movies don't play out of the box on Debian?  The codecs are tied up by
> patents, secret specs, and other roadblocks.
> Sure, you can download a tarball of binary dll's and exe's put out by
> Microsoft.  You can put these non-free binary blobs in particular
> directories and suddenly be able to watch the videos you download.  But
> this isn't free in a way that Debian can support, and my Aunt Tilly (not
> her real name) would never figure out how to do that.

Good point, I completely forgot about LAME and friends. You're very right
on that one and I'm wrong.

> David, the teletubbies on IRC were egging you on to "bait" me.  You gave
> in to them.  I hope you develop better character, so you can make a
> decent opposition party when I am in office as DPL.  I expect better of
> you.

Actually they were doing the opposite, telling me to not engage you, but I
felt it necessary to at least correct you on this one. Happily I learned
something in the process, which is good, and I'm always willing to admit my
mistakes, as just as I made one above. 

I have no desire to be an opposition party to anything, but merely maintain
my packages well and keep Debian alive and kicking. That said, if you did
become DPL I'd probably leave the project, but that's just my own personal
feelings which I hope speak well enough for my character. I wouldn't be
surprised if others felt the same.

 - David Nusinow

p.s. Where are your answers to my questions for you elsewhere? I'm very
curious as to your planned course of action on the desktop issues which you
bash the project for in your platform without any notable contributions
past or present. It doesn't speak very well of your character.

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