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Re: Ted's reply to Martin (Re: Question for all candidates: handle debian-admin more openly)

also sprach Ted Walther <krooger@debian.org> [2006.03.12.2220 +0100]:
> That is a tough question to answer.  So far they have been getting
> the job done, but appear to be getting overworked lately.

Please define "lately"?

> For the good of the project, we need some way to let the sysadmin
> team do their jobs without being distracted by politics.
> I don't have the answer of how to accomplish that.

Read debian-vote; IMHO, the answer has been stated there quite
recently (hint: prevent individual overload).

> >2.) Would you encourage debian-admin to do so? If yes, how?
> Better and faster communication is always important; if they need
> assistants, we should encourage them to add people to the team.

Given that it has been suggested before, how would you go about it
(as DPL) to make the quest successful this time?

> all it takes is one brown-noser to slip in, and he'll hold open
> the gates for all the other popularity seekers until the original
> hardworking, competent DSA resign in disgust.

Who said those with the "power" are the ones to invite new people?

> >3.) Do you think more DSA are needed?
> As someone who isn't on the team, and only sees peoples complaints
> about poor communication, it does seem like more DSA are needed.
> As DPL I'd ask them directly what how they feel about that.

... and you won't if you don't become DPL?

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