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Re: Candidate questions: expulsions process

Matthew Garrett <mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
> You said:

ITYM wrote. Any voices you heard reading debian-vote to you today
were not mine. If you can't distinguish between me and the voices
you hear reading debian-vote to you, please ask your doctor.

> >> > 2. Do you believe it would be fair to cite someone's non-technical
> >> >    socio-religious views in the reasoning for or against expulsion?
> which seems to imply that you believe that some people in the project 
> would be willing to discriminate against people on the basis of their 
> socio-religious views[1]. However, you don't seem to have any evidence 
> of that.

Don't blame others for not giving evidence for your guesses.

> Why do you believe that this is a question that needs answering?

I think that some DPL candidates would support citing a
developer's non-technical socio-religious views as evidence
for expulsion. I wish to decide whether they consider that
fair, how well they would verify an expulsion call they were
supporting and what their general view of the process is.
Basically, whether their opinion/interpretation differs much.
I think there's clear water between some of them.

> Should DPL candidates be asked if they think it's fair for 
> developers to beat their wives?

It depends if that makes a difference to your vote.

> [1] Rather than, say, the effect that their socio-religious views have 
> on their ability to work within the project. If I believe that it's 

A combination of otherwise innocuous socio-religious views and
others with a little religious intolerance can have a big effect
on that ability, but that's not a fault of only one person.

> my religious duty to respond to every email I receive with the word 
> "cock"[2], it's clear that the project should discriminate against me.

Against your action, not your religion. If it caused a call for
your expulsion, I think it would be wrong to cite emails where
you merely state or explain other aspects of your socio-religious
views in addition to the offensive ones.

Also, stretching pretty much any religion I've seen about into
supporting answering "cock" to all would involve logic more
tortured than RMS coding proprietary drivers in a Microsoft cube.

Hope that explains to most people,
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