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Re: Andreas Schuldei: No fraud in the organization of Debconf!

* Ted Walther <krooger@debian.org> [2006-03-10 12:39:51]:

> Andreas, as the man in charge of organizing Debconf6, I want to know,
> will you continue last years policy of allowing attendees to vote for
> which talks and presentations should go in the main track?

Participants never voted on what would go in the main track.
The selection of the talks was done by the academic committee, as
mentioned in the Call For Papers.

What we introduced last year and what looks like a voting system 
is in fact a way to optimizing the talks and bof schedule and
find disjunct pairs of events that can run in parallel. The idea
is to tighten the schedule to minimize the fragmentation of the
event for the participants.

> How was the selection of presentations made?  Many that I found
> interesting, including the Common Lisp one, are missing.

That is unfortunate. Will you come to Debconf? It would be
interesting to meet you in person.

> Of those that made it onto the "approved" list, most of the really
> interesting ones are only found in the second half of the list, while
> those of your friends are found at the top of the list.

lol. I think the list is sorted alphabetical by speaker.

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