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Andreas Schuldei: fraud in the organization of Debconf?

Andreas, as the man in charge of organizing Debconf6, I want to know,
will you continue last years policy of allowing attendees to vote for
which talks and presentations should go in the main track?

It looks like the selection of options has already been made, yet the
voting system isn't set up yet.


How was the selection of presentations made?  Many that I found
interesting, including the Common Lisp one, are missing.


Of those that made it onto the "approved" list, most of the really
interesting ones are only found in the second half of the list, while
those of your friends are found at the top of the list.

It looks like you are using your position of trust with Debconf to play
politics, instead of representing the interests of the developers. If
you were  DPL, this is not the kind of favoritism I would want to see.

Can you explain your actions, and how you will act differently as DPL?


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