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PROPOSAL: Additional yearly voting ritual

My Dear Fellow Developers,

I would like to propose a new voting routine as an adjunct (or perhaps replacement) to the DPL race. I propose we allow Developers to nominate one and another (or perhaps themselves) for elimination from the project. Winners would have their membership in the Debian project revoked and be expelled in a public manner that induces remaining developers to maintain a pleasant working relationship. Naturally, this contest would be judged by the usual Condorcet method.

Each Developer would be limited to a maximum of one nomination per year and could require a minimum nomination count to qualify (ie. sqrt(#devel) / 4). Each Developer nominated for expulsion could optionally provide a platform about why they should or should not be eliminated.

The contest should have at least one winner for dramatic effect. The most Condorcet oriented method would be to expel all the nominees that do not defeat the option "I Really Couldn't Care Less".

This approach would create an open, egalitarian and democratic method for expelling undesirable marginal elements (such as myself) from the project. In the spirit of teamwork I hope you will all give my idea some consideration and forward me any feedback.

With very pleasant regards and in fellowship towards the greater good,



Ean Schuessler, CTO


214-720-0700 x 315

Brainfood, Inc.


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