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Re: question for all candidates

On Thu, 09 Mar 2006, Anthony Towns wrote:
> In the mail to the DPL I mentioned above, James outlined three
> fairly significant technical changes that could be implemented to
> make the job easier, and could be done by anyone, without requiring
> any special priveleges; and also noted why he doesn't believe it's
> technically feasible to have the keyring maintained by multiple
> people, and how that could be fixed.

Could this mail (or the practical upshot of it) be made public?

[I've personally been interested in developing something along these
lines to deal with controlling the public keyrings that I seem to have
strewn througout mulitple machines, and it seems reasonable to attack
both issues at once, assuming I ever get time to do this.]

Don Armstrong

"Ban cryptography! Yes. Let's also ban pencils, pens and paper, since
criminals can use them to draw plans of the joint they are casing or
even, god forbid, create one time pads to pass uncrackable codes to
each other. Ban open spaces since criminals could use them to converse
with each other out of earshot of the police. Let's ban flags since
they could be used to pass secret messages in semaphore. In fact let's
just ban all forms of verbal and non-verbal communication -- let's see
those criminals make plans now!"

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