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Re: another question to all candidates about stable point releases

Andreas Schuldei <andreas@debian.org> wrote:
[what should be put into point releases]
> Actually I discussed this with our release managers today, since
> I was wondering if it would be sensible and feasable to include
> more progressive (as in "newer") software into stable.

> It seems to be sensible and without any negative side effects to
> include everything from volotile into point releases. That would
> give us up to date spam filtering, virus patterns etc and would
> be of great use to our users.

just some nitpicking.

While up-to-date clamav is in volatile up-to-date
spamassassin is not.

The new spamaassassin deprecates some options and changes some default
values and usually upgrading reqires adapting one's configuration
manually. Therefore SA 3.1 is only part of volatile-/sloppy/ (and
probably should not be part of a point release for exactly the same
             cu andreas
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