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Re: Questions to candidate Anthony Towns

Anthony Towns wrote:
>   (a) branching the archive or doing other necessary changes to ensure
>       netinst CDs etc work reliably

Netinsts are relatively robust (though can be broken), businesscard,
netboot, and floppy would really benefit from that.

>   (b) security.d.o support against the last preview release, so that
>       users can upgrade from CD/DVD and only have minimal daily downloads


At the moment we don't even include the secure-testing repo in

>   (c) having it be an equally important part of the project to stable
>       point releases, including a mail to -announce and similar


> > Another thing we don't do right now is keep the DVDs and larger CDs
> > static as released, they continue being updated each week.
> I presume that means that they were broken a week or two ago when stuff
> was switching over to the current d-i? 

Probably broken several times before that.

We have kept a full copy occaisionally in the past, it's just a matter
of doing it (and disk space).

see shy jo

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