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Re: Questions to candidate Anthony Towns

(Please treat this question as if it were asked on debian-devel not

Anthony Towns wrote:
> I do think it would be interesting for the project to embrace the d-i beta
> releases and the testing-security support and turn those into regular
> "mini-releases", without many of the standards we expect of stable,
> but in a form that's still useful.

That's been a goal of mine for several years. What more do you feel we
should do on those beta releases to reach that? Note that they already
include a full set of CDs/DVDs that are tested to work approximatly as
well[1] as stable releases. One thing we don't do is branch and freeze the
archive, but the consequences of that seem smaller than might be expected.
Another thing we don't do right now is keep the DVDs and larger CDs
static as released, they continue being updated each week. Another thing
we omit is a set of release notes and an upgrade guide from past

As far as the testing security stuff, there is always room for
improvement but the number/severity of holes fixed in unstable but not
testing is generally swamped by both the number not fixed anywhere and
by the number (but not generally severity) of those not fixed in stable.

So is it just a matter of terminology, perception, and polish; or do you
see other major areas where we should improve?

see shy jo

[1] Or arguably better; unlike the first set of stable CDs ours have 
    always worked. :-P

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