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Re: NM process

Pierre Habouzit wrote:

Le Mar 7 Mars 2006 12:59, Frank Küster a écrit :
I agree with that. What is really painful in the NM queue, as I lived it, is the time between the steps [1]:
[Received application] -> [Application Manager Assigned]

and between :
[Appliaction Manager recommends to DAM] -> Account Created.

I took my NM that is quite recent as an example. It took me almost a YEAR (like in 11 monthes) to have my account:

almost 3 monthes to have an AM
2 days to pass T&S and P&P
5 days more because of a mail of mine, stuck on an SMTP
exactly 8 monthes (WTF !?!?!) to have then my account created.

The pain in the NM queue, is that motivated candidates just can't make it in a couple of weeks, or monthes. I know I was in the NM queue where it was in the worst shape ever. but you can take recent DD's to see it has not changed much (totally random, see [2] e.g. total application took 11 monthes too for a T&S+P&P of less than a month).

I would have to agree with this. Both myself and a friend recently got
assigned our AMs, and both of us had been waiting 6 months. I'm happy to
say that my AM handles everything quickly, and I don't feel like the
process is dragging its feet, even though I got the stuff at one of the
worst times for me due to some school stuff being due. However, the 6
month wait was quite long, and I have another long wait to look forward
too once I finish the evaluation.

I guess we need more AMs and DAMs. I don't know of any other way to
solve the issue. Maybe having someone between the two that the DAM
trusts to evaluate the application so DAM review doesn't take so long?


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