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Re: question for all candidates

* Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <he@ftwca.de> [2006-02-27 12:18:55]:

> Two years ago, Branden Robinson talked about the issue of some tasks in
> the project that are neither delegated by the Project leader nor covered
> by the Constitution directly. [1] He referenced his platform from 2004
> last year (when he was elected), but it seems that nothing has happened
> since then.
> So, to the question:
> Should we amend our constitution to reflect how Debian is structured in
> reality, or should the people doing these tasks now be recognized as
> delegates of the DPL? What will you do to clarify the situation?

I think the constitution is quite clear on what the DPL is allowed to
do and does not need amendment in this regard.

To me it does not make sense to delegate just for the sake of it. That
would feel bureaucratic to me and the project has already enough of
that. I would not go and delegate a d-i team, for example, since it
just works well anyway.

When important teams seem to be disfunctional or have a hard time to
find a structure that scales into the future I would however use my
powers of delegation to restructure the team from the outside. I would
only do that after I worked with the team to help it overcome it's
issues itself, however.

I followed both Martin Michelmayr's effords during his terms and
spend a lot of time in our DPL-team with some teams and would
like to continue this work as DPL to conclude it.

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