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Re: Questions for candidate Andreas Schuldei

* Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> [2006-03-05 06:32:13]:

>      1. After the utter failure of the DPL team conducted by Branden
>         Robinson to provide leadership, what makes you think the team
>         you are proposing would do better?

I would try to avoid some flaws in last year's setup. It boils down to
making the team more self-sufficient and the DPL less of a single
point of failure. That would start with giving the whole team access
to the leader@d.o mail without my manual interaction, officially
delegating tasks to the team members early and encouraging them to
act as responsible individuals in the team by asking advice from each
other and me. This will make sure the team works well even when I'm
not available.

Furthermore I would hope that I won't experience things that Branden
had to cope with during his term, like surgery on his wife and trouble
at work, which can be a great drain of time, energy and focus.

>      2. Could you explain the section 4 of your platform further? I
>         understand what you would like to improve, but not how you would
>         do it.

To start with, I would try to find out if the team in question (or the
single person doing the tesk) is aware of how it/(s)he is perceived by
others and if they are interested in improving that relationship. By
trying alone they will be able to improve the situation a lot. As a
second step I would try to find people (and encourage others to do the
same) who are friendly and enjoy interacting with other developers and
could fit into the teams that can profit from an increase of such

>      3. What criteria would you use to distribute resources to
>         developers, and to ensure they would be spent in a productive
>         way? 

I would like to use those resources to encourage the "purpose-driven"
teams and people. If a team comes up with a "we want to achive this
and that by meeting, since our users want foo", provide a good wiki
page and promise a report of the meeting afterwards, they would be
high on my list for support.

Other candidates are teams that need a face to face meeting to sort
out personal problems or struggle for some time already with a
specific problem as the relase/ftp-team did before the vancouver

The problems and teams receiving attention and potentially recources
would be prioritized by the impact they have on Debian as a whole.

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