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Re: Questions about Ubuntu

* David N. Welton <davidw@dedasys.com> [2006-03-05 20:41:55]:

> The reason Debian can't compete with Ubuntu for the Desktop/new to Linux
> users is that Ubuntu makes choices where Debian won't or can't.  They
> give you a default system that works well because they picked certain
> things instead of others, instead of giving you the huge amount of
> choice Debian gives you right out of the box.  The clever thing is that
> that choice is still there if you want it...

I dont think that that is a valid reason to stop trying. The
solution to this problem could be to allow special configuration
(e.g. in a seperate package) for groups of packages for tight
integration (e.g ldap + samba, afs + kerberos, hotplug/udev +
...). The problems to solve would be: How to phrase it for policy
to allow these configuration packages to (p)reconfigure other
packages, how to best reconfigure the packages (preseeding?
config rewriting with cfengine? ...), how to upgrade these
tighly preconfigured package groups, and certainly some more
which I miss right now. 

To implement this in a robust and clean way would allow
for all kinds of neat configureations for quick deployement and
would boost debian's usefullness for users enormously. 

"I want to install a virus and spam filtering greylisting secure

aptitude install postfix-amavis-postgrey-spamassessin-config

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