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Re: Questions about Ubuntu

* Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> [2006-02-28 19:23:08]:

> here are some questions for all candidates. They are related to the
> Debian-Ubuntu cooperation. (If you're not a candidate and wish to give me
> your opinion on that subject, please do so by private mail or move the
> discussion elsewhere like debian-project)
> 1/ What is your personal opinion about Ubuntu ?

Ubuntu is a very good product that fullfills a market demand that
Debian created by the release of Sarge, and the lack of an available 'just
works' system.
I took the opportunity to install Ubuntu yesterday with a friend who
wants to switch from Windows to Linux. It felt really slick and shiny
and I liked that.

Details like shipping a kernel and kernel header packages created with
a compiler that is not included on the CD (and therefore making it
impossible to compile additional wifi modules for that kernel without
net access) won't be encountered by many of their users. It left me
with a feeling of the distribution beeing created in a little too
short time frame.

Ubuntu is a huge success and is here to stay. Debian Developers
holding a grunch against Ubuntu should get that through their head and
should start thinking what *they* can do to make Debian the kick-ass
distro it can be. Debian needs to learn to re-integrate the
improvements from derived distributions and would get a long way just
doing that. On top of that there should not be a problem becoming
more innovative ourselfs - there are enough cool problems to
solve. Listening to our users would tell us which ones we should start

> 2/ What explains in your opinion the bad feelings that some DD have
> against Ubuntu ?

I guess it is a mixture of envy where Ubuntu achives what Debian
should have done some time ago and underestimating Debian's greatness
and what our users value us for. Talking to sponsors gives me an unique
perspective in that regard, which gives me a feeling of "YES, we DO
rock!" from time to time. I like that a lot and it gives me personally
a good deal of self-esteem (as a Debian Developer) when thinking of Ubuntu.

> 3/ What changes do you wish concerning the Debian-Ubuntu collaboration ?

I hope that Debian Developers could stop seeing Ubuntu as a threat and
start to compete in a good free-software-way by taking the code and
improving it. 

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