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Re: Questions to candidate Anthony Towns

Le dimanche 05 mars 2006 à 17:19 +1000, Anthony Towns a écrit :
> >      2. Everyone has his own character. However, a representative has to
> >         be cautious to avoid compromising the project as a whole. Were
> >         you elected, would you make efforts to stop being contemptuous
> >         in public communication, at least when acting as DPL?
> When acting as DPL, certainly -- and I would hope the issue wouldn't
> come up in the first place. If you've got any examples of any of
> my communications signed of as "release manager" that you think are
> contemptuous I'd be interested in discussing them with you, to make sure
> I can avoid anything similar.

I didn't use to interact much with you when you were release manager,
but I remember sharing a general feeling of being treated as a
second-class citizen with some other developers. Contempt can't only
show up in the language, but also in the decisions themselves. As time
has passed, I'm afraid I can't come up with real examples, but the
feeling of a huge improvement when Steve took the job remains. Looking
at your mails to d-d-a, you seem to have improved in communicating, but
people like him also know how to listen to others - a very rare quality
I'd like to see in the DPL.

> As far as "contemptuous" is concerned, I don't really think singling
> me out like that is particularly fair. Our current DPL posted "Frank
> Carmickle and Marco Paganini must die" to d-d-a about six months
> before being elected, eg; and plenty of other people in the project act
> similarly. Personally, I do rate getting things done more important than
> being nice about it -- and I shouldn't think you'll find it hard to find
> examples where I'm not nice -- but it really does frustrate me when we
> can't have both.

Many developers can be rude and frank in their criticism, and the
current DPL's past behavior is a perfect example. However this isn't
necessarily correlated with contempt. Getting things done is one thing,
and being rude is sometimes a way to get things done, but ignoring other
developers' opinion in a decision process is another one.

> [snip]

Above all, I appreciate that you have answered honestly to these
questions. It proves that you are perfectly capable of being polite and
open when you want to.
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