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Delegation (was Re: question for all candidates)

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
>Two years ago, Branden Robinson talked about the issue of some tasks
>in the project that are neither delegated by the Project leader nor
>covered by the Constitution directly. [1] He referenced his platform
>from 2004 last year (when he was elected), but it seems that nothing
>has happened since then.
>So, to the question:
>Should we amend our constitution to reflect how Debian is structured
>in reality, or should the people doing these tasks now be recognized
>as delegates of the DPL? What will you do to clarify the situation?

It's not clear that everybody doing the core jobs in Debian was ever
explicitly delegated by a DPL, but in my opinion that doesn't really
matter. This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. As I see it, the constitution does not require that all roles
     need be delegated. The way that most of Debian has always worked
     is that jobs are done by the people with the skills and (more
     importantly) the desire to do them.

  2. The people doing core tasks are still answerable to the rest of
     the project, regardless of whether they may have been delegated
     or not.

Making an issue of "delegation" would seem to just be a way of causing
aggravation for no good reason. If people believe there is a reason,
then that would be the time to have open and honest discussion on the

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