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Questions for candidate Jeroen van Wolffelaar

     1. As you are promoting the team leadership that has been in place
        since Branden's election, do you have explanations for the total
        absence of leadership during this time? What could you tell to
        convince us it's still worth a try?
     2. You seem to consider the useless discussions on mailing lists an
        important issue. What real world problems do you think it leads
     3. Could you explain how a code of conduct for mailing lists would
        help reducing the number of posts that are merely useless,
        without being aggressive? Same question for the people who are
        killing discussion by always bringing up the same issues,
        without ever being aggressive.
     4. As a member of the FTP team, do you have any explanations about
        the amd64 fiasco, and why we should vote for you despite that
        outstanding failure for a team you are part of?

These questions may sound harsh and you may feel they don't concern you
directly, but I'd like honest answers to those you can answer to.
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