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Re: questions for all candidates

Steve Langasek wrote:
>The campaign period is open according to
><http://www.debian.org/vote/2006/vote_002>, so here are two questions
>for all of the candidates.
>1. The past two years have seen higher numbers of candidates standing
>for DPL than in the past.  While our voting system has no problem
>scaling to seven candidates, comments I've heard from a number of
>developers suggest that a high number of candidates makes it more
>difficult for voters to navigate the ballot and cast informed votes.
>I'm sure when platforms are posted you'll tell us why each of you
>believes that you personally should run, but what do you think about
>having seven candidates in this election?  Is it a healthy thing that
>we have so many developers willing to sit in the hot seat, or is it a
>sign of fragmentation in the project and a lack of strong leadership?

I think that the large number of candidates is quite a healthy sign,
myself. Clearly we have quite a number of people who:

 a) believe that there are issues they can help with
 b) are prepared to commit to working on those issues.

Of course, (a) could also be taken as a sign that there are _too many_
issues, but I expect that we'll have quite a large overlap in the
issues that candidates have identified.

>2. If you are elected, do you currently think you would be interested
>in running for re-election next year?  Why or why not?

If I am elected, then _right now_ I would expect to stand again for
re-election next year. Comparison of my stated goals for this term and
what actually gets achieved would obviously be a major part of that

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