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Questions for Jeroen van Wolffelaar and Andreas Schuldei

(Again, campaigning period doesn't start until Sunday. Please feel free 
to ignore this until then)

This is about the DPL team. Andreas, your platform was quite heavily 
based on it. Jeroen, I understand that it's something that you were 
heavily involved in. According to Andreas's platform, it was supposed 

* distribute workload, avoiding burn-out and problems related to
real-world unavailability of individual developers;

Did this happen? Branden has been fairly noticably absent in terms of
providing leadership - queries to leader@d.o have gone unanswered for
long periods of time.

* keep regularly in touch with a larger part of the project, to be more
proactive about difficulties, and detect them earlier;

The DPL team's communication sucked. What would you do differently, and
how would you do it?

* help build broader consensus by functioning as a 'chair' in Debian;

This didn't really happen either, did it? How would you make sure it
did next year?

* make sure that decisions that need to be made are really made, even
though that means to keep track of a lot of things, takes time and
perhaps requires to be in multiple places at the same time;

What would you say are the most important decisions that were made by
the DPL team this year? How many of them could not have been made
without the DPL team?

* have the most appropriate person be responsible for their areas of
expertise. Everyone has unique talents and motivations which make
certain tasks more enjoyable for them than for others and lets them deal
with them more efficiently.

Who were the members of the DPL team? What areas were they responsible
for? If you retain the DPL team, would you make any changes?

A couple of the implementation details:

* The team meets regularly and frequently (weekly, up to 1h), to discuss
new issues and review ongoing tasks.

This seemed to be dropped pretty quickly. Do you think that was the
right decision?

* Public minutes of private meetings are made available where discretion
allows; likewise, a public agenda is made available in advance listing
all non-sensitive agenda items, in order to allow and invite public
discussion and public feedback before decisions are made.

This never really happened. Do you think that was the right decision?
Why did somebody have to notice that DPL team activity reports had
stopped some time ago before anybody on the team publically admitted

Matthew Garrett | mjg59-chiark.mail.debian.vote@srcf.ucam.org

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