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Re: GFDL GR: Amendment: invariant-less in main v2

> > I *hope* that this amendment is simply supposed to mean that the 
> > don't believe that the DRM clause imposes such restrictions (despite the 
> > that reading it literally, it does).  But at the moment, which of these 
> > positions is being pushed by the amendment is not clear to me.  Adeodato?
>   The latter. From the last paragraph in my mail:

Thanks for replying on the public mailing list and making this clear to 
everyone including me.

That eases my worries about this.  Because it means that if a copyright holder 
actually does start talking about enforcing the GFDL on a work in a 
literalistic way which includes all the restrictions we find unacceptable, 
Debian *will* remove that work.  Which is what really matters.  :-)

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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