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Declassification of debian-private, call for vote

Hi all,

As per A.2(1) and A.2(2), I'm calling for a vote on this issue and
related amendments. As per A.2(4) the minimum discussion period was
from Nov 18th 'til Dec 2nd, and furthermore it's been three weeks since
the last formal amendment that was not accepted was proposed and since
the topic was raised on DWN, two weeks since the secretary posted the
resolution and amendment text to -devel-announce, a week since the last
significant discussion on the topic on -vote, and there has been no
discussion at all in the last few days.

As per A.2(3), I believe the wording of the resolution is as per:


and the amendment is as per:


and the form the ballot should take is:

    [   ] Establish declassification procedure for -private
    [   ] Establish declassification procedure for future posts to -private only
    [   ] Further discussion


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