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Re: {SPAM} Re: Trying to reach consensus - Yet Another Alternate Proposal to Declassification of debian-private

Em Qui, 2005-12-08 às 00:08 +0100, Gaudenz Steinlin escreveu:
> On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 02:47:07PM -0300, Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> > The first type of publication could embrace the entire content of
> > debian-private, but restrictions will be applied for those who want to
> > read, basically, the need of identification of the reader and the
> > agreement to a NDA on the same terms applied to every debian developer
> > about the privacy of the mailing list.
> One of the main goals of the original GR was to make the archives
> available for research. How will you be able to publish the results 
> of such research if you agreed to an NDA. One of the main principles
> of scientific research is to make your results reproducible by others.  
> This is impossible if you base your research on data which is only
> available under an NDA.

As a Social Scientist, I must say that it's completely normal to make
researchs using confidential resources. This only tells you that you
should respect the privacy, but still lets you understand better the
object of your research.


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