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Re: Alternate proposal for Declassification of debian-private archives

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>   a) The post contained sensitive material.
>         In this case, if a reasonable case has been made for the
>         material being sensitive, and one that the declassification
>         teams accepted, then the material should be redacted from the
>         post, and every post it has been quoted in. If it is sensitive
>         in one post, it is sensitive in another.

I'd kind of expect that to be done anyway under AJ's proposal. After
all, AJ's proposal says that the author of a post can request for it not
to be published, and for example by contributing the quoted material
above and below, you are a part author of this post that I am writing

>   b) I do not want to be associated with the post in question
>         In other words, if this showed up in google it may hurt my
>         future job prospects post ;-). In this case, the post can be
>         published, just every identifying  bit about the author needs
>         be redacted from this post and the quotes.

Successfully doing this could be quite hard, perhaps much harder than it
first appears. I've seen some interesting reserch in these areas that
indicates that it's much harder than would be expected to post
anonymously, and that elements such as style, time of day, etc can be
very effective in tracing an anonymised post back to its author. I don't
have URLs for the studies handy but I could dig them up.

For more a more personal take on it, note that I am reasonably sure that
I can identify any text of more than a few words that you've written in
the past 10 years or so in Debian -- I know you, I know the identifying
characteristics of your text and even some of your common typo forms.
It's quite possible you have the same ability to identify text I have
written. This makes obfuscation difficult.

If I were part of the declassification team (and yes, I do plan to
volenteer to be on it), I would consider this obfuscation to be too
challanging to do, and would have to treat requests to do it as requests
to not publish the post and derivatives. Which makes your proposal have
an identical result as AJ's.

see shy jo

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