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Question for the candidates: Custom Debian Distributions


Custom Debian Distributions open a new way of understanding Debian:
we are an operating system, but we have the opportunity to become an
exceptional system for building operating systems, without loosing
the level of cooperation among them and between them and Debian[1].
Debian-Edu is a really shiny example for this.

Even without having an advanced Custom Debian infrastructure in
place, Debian is being used as a base to build very successful
systems such as Knoppix, Linspire and recently Ubuntu.

This is a just a glance on Debian's future potential, but it opens
new challenges.  Such as:

 - Some CDD will need a special release schedule (for example,
   Debian-Edu release dates are tied to the school calendar).

 - There can be conflicts between CDDs and developers, where issues
   of primary importance for a CDD are not seen as such by the

 - There can be a need for more interaction with entities at the edge
   or outside of Debian, to make cooperation tight and smooth, or
   even just possible.

This is to introduce the topic.  My question is: what vision do you
have for the future of: Custom Debian Distributions; partly-derived
distributions such as Ubuntu; and forks such as Knoppix or Linspire?




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