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Re: Questions for the DPL candidates

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> That's only a reasonable thing to do if you can also offer an
> assurance like "Your explanations will be listened to with respect,
> and you won't need to read thousand-message threads attacking your
> commitment to the values of the project over your decisions."

Packagers make their decision publicly in buglogs and changelogs all
the time.  I'm just asking for a similar kind of log of decisions made
and reasons stated.

> But compare that with, eg, the casual implication of James being a
> perfect example of incompetence in "So this isn't really a James Troup
> question, it's a question of how much screw-up is necessary before a
> delegation should be yanked?" from the exchange with Andreas you
> posted earlier. Or Enrico's post on Project Scud from last week. Or
> however many other messages.

Um, since you don't know at all what that was about, you can't assume
(incorrectly) that you know what it said.  Hint: it did not say that
James Troup was a "perfect example of incompetence".


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