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Re: Questions to all DPL candidates

Eduard Bloch wrote:
I would like to know your opinion about the discrimination of the
contrib and non-free parts of the Debian archive(*).

There are two parts to this; one is that contrib and non-free are poorly supported, because a lot of Debian folks are free software guys who just aren't interested in working on it. If people want to see it supported better, I'm not aware of anything stopping them if they're willing to step up, and I'd be happy if people did.

The other part is that a fair number of free software people, particularly people obsessed enough to contribute significant amounts of code, are fairly passionate about free software and don't want to be confronted with non-free software when they're installing systems. I think that's a pretty fair point, and while I'd like it to be easier for folks who aren't obsessed to get what they want, even if that includes some non-free stuff, as long as its as relatively straightforward as dropping to a prompt and editing apt/sources.list, I don't think there's a problem.


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