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Re: Question for A. Towns - NM

On Thursday 10 March 2005 6:53 pm, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Personally, I don't see any reason why having filtering on the client is
> better than having it on the server -- even if just to stop people
> from getting confused at the "debian-devel" they read being different to
> the "debian-devel" others see. For those who read our mailing lists via
> the web archives, client side filtering isn't really possible, in any case.

Because filtering on the client is configurable by the client and not by some 
mysterious person who has their own private biases.

You have a good point on the web archives. If we had a collaborative 
mail-filtering system (like Razor) then we could use the "concensus" arrived 
at by the system's users. That would be a more suitable solution than, say, 
using your own private Spam Assassin ruleset.

> No, the central motivation for the project is to make a good, free
> operating system. The "Deb" stands for "Debra", not "Debating".

So, is that "free as in beer"? If freedom of expression isn't a priority then 
what exactly is Software Libre?

I do agree with you that endless debate for the sake of lip-flapping is one of 
the project's biggest challenges. I just think you are over-simplifying the 

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