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Final announcement of 2005 DPL election debate

Finally, after many complications and several hundreds of bytes of
data exchanged between the involved (wow!), it is my pleasure to
announce the


The 2005 DPL IRC Debate will be held on Wednesday 16th March at
06:00 UTC. We apologise to all who are inconvenienced by this time,
but it was the only way to get all six candidates together.

We will use 4 IRC channels for the debate. All channels will be
logged, and logs are going to be made available after the debate.
All channels are on the Freenode IRC network: irc.debian.org.

The four channels and their purposes are:

  #debian-dpl-debate - On this channel the candidates will answer
    questions and debate. The channel is open to the public in
    read-only mode. Only the debate chairs (Helen Faulkner and
    Martin Krafft), and the DPL candidates will be voiced.

  #debian-dpl-discuss - This channel will be open for general
    discussion of matters relating to the debate. As well as
    discussion of the debate, anyone may post a question for the
    candidates to this channel. We will choose some of the questions
    posted to ask the candidates during the course of the debate.
    A number of volunteers will monitor the channel to make sure
    that it stays productive. Anyone behaving in a sufficiently
    disruptive way will be devoiced or removed from the channel (not
    that we expect this to happen).

  #debian-dpl-replies - This channel will be used to collect the
    replies of the candidates to the questions asked in the first
    part of the debate. The channel will be used for nothing else.
    Its purpose is to allow us to make sure that all candidates have
    an equal amount of time to answer each question, and to allow us
    to paste their replies to #debian-dpl-debate in a coherent way.
    The channel will only be open to the debate chairs (Helen
    Faulkner and Martin Krafft), and the candidates.

  #debian-dpl-moderation - This channel is closed to the public and
    used by the moderators of the #debian-dpl-discuss channel to
    communicate with the debate chairs.


The debate will run for 2 hours, using the following format:

* The first 60 minutes will consist of a series of questions, each of
  which is directed at all of the candidates. For each question, the
  following steps will be taken:

    1. On #debian-dpl-debate Helen or Martin asks the question and sets
       the time limit for replies (time limits will vary between
       1 and 6 minutes).

    2. At the time limit, Helen or Martin will call "Time!". The
       candidates must then paste their replies into
       #debian-dpl-replies. Any
       candidate who does not paste their reply within a reasonable
       time frame will lose the chance to reply to that question.
    3. Helen and Martin will collate the replies, and paste them
       into #debian-dpl-debate for the audience to read. Candidates
       may ask for clarification of another candidate's response,
       although if possible, such questions should be kept until the
       second half of the debate.

* There will be a 10 minute break after the first half.

* The last 50 minutes of the debate will consist of a moderated (not
  censored) discussion between the chairs and the candidates, on
  #debian-dpl-debate. Helen and Martin will pose questions or topics
  for general discussion between the candidates. The chairs will
  moderate the discussion to ensure that all the candidates have
  roughly equal opportunity to express their viewpoints.

The questions asked in both stages of the debate will be a mixture
of questions prepared beforehand by Helen and Martin (taking into
account the many proposed questions we have received), and questions
that are raised by people in #debian-dpl-discuss during the course
of the debate.

In both stages of the debate, the candidates should follow the
instructions given by the chairs. All such instructions will be
aimed at keeping the debate running smoothly and keeping it fair to
all candidates. Failure to follow an instruction from a chairperson
will result in the offender being warned. Re-offenders will risk
being devoiced for a period of time. Of course this is not at all
expected to happen :)

The candidates may participate in discussions on #debian-dpl-discuss
as they see fit.

Let the games begin!

 .''`.     martin f. krafft <madduck@debian.org>
: :'  :    proud Debian developer, admin, user, and author
`. `'`
  `-  Debian - when you have better things to do than fixing a system
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